Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 1-week review on Dinair Airbrush System

As promised, I am writing a review for my Dinair Personal/Pro Edition Airbrush System Kit (http://airbrushmakeup.com/personal/compare) that I got last week. This is my very first experience with any type of airbrushing, and I am totally in love with it. I am neither a representative of Dinair nor a professional makeup artist. I am doing this review solely as a consumer who enthusiastically want to share my opinions about the product. This review will be in a semi question/answer kind of style. I am not going to post any picture and tutorial simply because you can find this information all over youtube lol. Okay, so let's started :)

1) There are three well-known airbrush makeup systems: Dinair, Temptu, and Luminescence. So why did I choose Dinair?

- Dinair and Luminescence systems closely resemble each other. I chose Dinair because it is slightly cheaper compare to Luminescence. I also like Dinair's website better haha. It is easier to navigate and I can quickly find what I want. For Dinair and Temptu, Dinair, without a doubt, has an upper hand in my opinion. I just feel like Dinair is more well-prepared, and they seemed to thoroughly consider all aspects of makeup. First, Temptu compressor and airbrush gun are bulkier. Second, it doesn't have a lot of color selections. Third, its foundation and blush come in a pod so it doesn't allow you to mix your own color like Dinair. Fourth, it can only do foundation and blush whereas Dinair you can actually do a full makeup (foundation, conceal, blush, contour/highlight, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow) as well as tanning, and body/face arts if you want to. Finally, Temptu foundation pod is a lot more expensive (around $40 the last time I check) whereas Dinair foundation bottle costs $12-$30 depend on the size.

2) Airbrush system is expensive, so is it worth it?
- To me, it is. Airbrush makeup does have its advantages over traditional makeup. First, it gives you a flawless look, but at the same time it is extremely light and so natural that you don't look like you have any makeup on (trust me on this because I put my face against the 5x mirror and it still looks so natural like that is my real skin). Second, it is definitely cleaner. With airbrush, you don't touch your face with anything so it is more hygiene compare to using brushes. Also, airbrush doesn't make a mess like loose powder makeup. Whatever you spray will go directly onto your face, and it will set immediately so you don't have loose powder foundation  floating around and be all over your table and on your clothes. Third, it is quicker than traditional makeup. My second day using it, I finished the foundation and blush in less than 10 minutes. Now it only took me 5 minutes and this is only my first week. In addition, for long term, I don't think it is expensive. It is actually cheaper than traditional makeup. With the traditional makeup, you have to buy different types of brushes (for quality tools, this could cost you from $50-$100), brush shampoo, primer (around $30-$50), liquid and/or powder foundations (around $40-$60), concealer, settling powder etc. you got my point. However, for airbrush, once you get the start-up kit, everything else after that is pretty much cheaper compare to the traditional makeup. Before, I rarely wear makeup, only occasionally, because I hate the feeling of having something on my face. However, I am wearing makeup everyday now using the airbrush. So in conclusion, worth it or not is really up to your personal preference. Its like someone would ask "is it worth it to have an Iphone, Android etc?" hehe

3) Does the airbrush gun has to be cleaned after every use, which also mean daily?
- This question is tricky. When I did my research, some people listed "cleaning the airbrush daily" as a negative point. Others also said that every time you clean it you have to take the whole gun apart. These reviews actually delayed my decision on buying one for a whole month. I am super lazy lol so I thought there's no way I can deal with something like this. However, when I got my airbrush, I realized this is a big misunderstanding. Yes, I clean my airbrush after every use because I want it to be in good condition so I can use it for a long time. Yes, every time I clean, I would take the gun apart. HOWEVER, the whole process only take me 3 minutes. It is absolutely painless. It only involves putting a few drop of cleaning solution into the well, spray and then maybe wipe the well clean. Taking the whole gun apart really mean you unscrew the tip and simply wipe the dried foundation off the needle. I did it right at my makeup table and there is no mess. It only involves a piece of tissue and some Q-tips. So cleaning the airbrush everyday is not a negative point in my opinion because compare to cleaning makeup brushes, which involves the sink, towel, shampoo, drying process etc. and may take 30 minutes to an hour, cleaning the airbrush is actually heaven.

4) Is it easy to use?
- When people think of airbrush, they automatically afraid that they don't know how to use it or can't control it and would spray into their eyes. This is not going to be the case. The continuous airflow would scare you a little bit when you first use it. But you will soon realize that it is just air and your foundation won't come out until you pull back the level. You will also soon realize the difference between air and a cool liquid mist that touch your face. In another word, you will know exactly where your foundation goes on your face. In addition, you can lower the power of compressor, and the spray is so fine and direct that you can precisely control its flow. I can do a flawless foundation and blush after the second day. Within a week, I can also apply highlight and eyeshadow. So yes, it is surprisingly very easy to use. However, I think for special occasion, I would still use brushes to apply eyeshadow, eye-lining and eyebrow just because I think it is easier and simpler.

In conclusion, here are some of the things I love:
  • It does look flawless, light and natural.
  • It does minimize pores.
  • Makeup application is quick and it sets immediately.
  • It has a wide range of color choices.
  • The foundation is matte but also has the option of moist and dewy. This is especially great for people with combination skin like me. I can have the matte overall look, and then only spray moist and dewy on a certain area of  my choice.
  • Dinair said their makeup lasts 24hrs. I never wear makeup that long to find out. But it did last more than 8 hours for me, however only when I don't touch my face with anything.
  • The compressor and airbrush gun are small and compact. The compressor is the size of my hand. This is good for traveling.
  • The cleaning process is easy and quick.
  • Customer service is nice so far.
  • The airbrush is not only designed for applying a full makeup but can also be used for facial/body arts, tanning and cover imperfection throughout your body (such as stress marks). 
    Some of the things I don't like including:
  • Although Dinair got rid of Paraben, they still used Tacl-Cosmetic Graded. However, the last time I check Tacl-Cosmetic Graded and Tacl are no different and may cause the same harms. However, the majority of cosmetics contain Tacl. I recently got rid of SO MANY of my cosmetic stuffs, mainly eyeshadow, because they all contain this substance.
  • Dinair said their foundation is water-resistant. I may misunderstood this statement hahaha but the makeup goes right off with water. 
  • Dinair supplies can only be ordered online. I hate order stuffs online because of the wait and the shipping fees. I hope in the future they open stores to sell their cosmetics or have it in other cosmetic stores such as Sephora, Ulta, etc.
 Hope you enjoy my long and dry review hahahaha

Friday, January 20, 2012

Youth, Country, Responsibility (Tuoi Tre, Que Huong, Trach Nhiem)

Its now 12:51AM, and I just got home from work. I should go to sleep right away because I have to be back at work again at 9:00AM tomorrow's morning. However, I have a lot on my mind today and I know I won't be able to go to sleep even if I try. So, I decided to stay up and start this blog even though I don't even know where and/or how to start.

As a Vietnamese, I have heard plenty stories about the Truong Sa/Hoang Sa issues and the forever conflicts between Vietnam and China. Although I felt unjust, angry and sad, I didn't bother to do anything mainly because I know the people in Vietnam were either oblivious or didn't care about the problem. However, it is different now. The people in Vietnam finally stand up to defend their country and protest against China taking our land, an act that took great courage especially when ones live in such suppressive country with no freedom and human rights. As expected, these patriotic heroes were arrested and beat up by their own idiotic government.

Upon hearing this news, the fire that is embedded in my heart flares up again. I am angry and ashamed at the coward and stupidity of the Vietnam government. However, at the same time, I am also happy and inspired because this movement gives us all a new hope for a brighter future in Vietnam. I want to do something because it is too painful to just sit there and watch China nibbling bit by bit on our land. The feeling of helplessness is driving me crazy.

I know there are many talented and capable people out there. Please help. Please do something. Anything will do. If Viet Khang thinks composing a song to express how he feels is useless and foolish then today we don't have "Anh La Ai?", a song that currently spreads like wildfire on multiple music sites, and helps igniting patriotism among the Vietnamese communities throughout the world. Therefore, as long as we do something it will count sooner or later. Strategy will only be effective if you put it in motion.

To my Vietnamese friends, don't let the love and passion for our country fade away. It may not seem like anything right now and you may not interest in the matter, but as long as we are Vietnamese, this is our responsibility! Don't let Vietnam become the second Champa Kingdom! Once a powerful kingdom, now its name no longer exists on the map. The feeling of losing one's country and having to explain to people where you are from is very painful. I saw my boyfriend going through it. I don't want my next generation to experience it ever. Its already hard to distinguish our culture with that of Chinese. I don't want in the future when I say "I am Vietnamese" and people would ask me "where is Vietnam? Oh you meant China?" Today is Truong Sa/Hoang Sa, tomorrow is Ha Noi, next is Hue, following that is Saigon, then Mui Ca Mau and Phu Quoc?? We should not betray our ancestors. We should not surrender even if its just a centimeter of our land. Don't give in even when the situation seems hopeless. Don't give up because we are the Vietnamese.

To my non-Vietnamese friends, if you think this conflict is only between Vietnam and China then think again. Have you ever wonder why China wants my land so bad? I meant it didn't just start now. It happened numerous of times and dated thousands of years back. China want to play domino with Asia first so they can have enough resources and powers to play the game with the big heads like Europe and Americas later. But can they play this game against Russia in the North first? Nope. How about Mongolia? Maybe not, because what after Mongolia? Russia again right? Then how about Japan on the east? Not yet. Japan is a small country but it is nonetheless a very powerful country. It is still risky to touch them right? What about on their west side? The mighty Gobi desert which leads to the Middle East? Hmm not likely. So which is the easier target for now? Bingo. Its down south and my unlucky country becomes the target. But what happen when they successfully colonize Vietnam? It opens the door to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand etc.? If something like this happen to my country today it may happen to yours next. I will begin boycotting Chinese products as much as I can. From now on until this thing resolves, I will not buy anything that is made from China. This is the least I can do for my country. Let's join hands and put a stop to this!

I am not even mad at China or its people because just like me they love their country and of course they only have their country's and people interest in mind. Who could blame them? However, if they truly love their people they need to stop. They need to realize that the world will never belong to any single entity. The only thing that is waiting at the end of the game is World War III and its only outcome is the extinction of humankind. WHY SPENDING TONS OF MONEY AND EFFORTS TO EXPLORE LIVES IN ANOTHER PLANETS WHEN WE HAVE THE PERFECT ONE RIGHT HERE THAT WE ARE TAKING FOR GRANTED? Its 2012 already, the New Year is here, spring is also on its way. Please stop all this madness!!!!!