Friday, January 20, 2012

Youth, Country, Responsibility (Tuoi Tre, Que Huong, Trach Nhiem)

Its now 12:51AM, and I just got home from work. I should go to sleep right away because I have to be back at work again at 9:00AM tomorrow's morning. However, I have a lot on my mind today and I know I won't be able to go to sleep even if I try. So, I decided to stay up and start this blog even though I don't even know where and/or how to start.

As a Vietnamese, I have heard plenty stories about the Truong Sa/Hoang Sa issues and the forever conflicts between Vietnam and China. Although I felt unjust, angry and sad, I didn't bother to do anything mainly because I know the people in Vietnam were either oblivious or didn't care about the problem. However, it is different now. The people in Vietnam finally stand up to defend their country and protest against China taking our land, an act that took great courage especially when ones live in such suppressive country with no freedom and human rights. As expected, these patriotic heroes were arrested and beat up by their own idiotic government.

Upon hearing this news, the fire that is embedded in my heart flares up again. I am angry and ashamed at the coward and stupidity of the Vietnam government. However, at the same time, I am also happy and inspired because this movement gives us all a new hope for a brighter future in Vietnam. I want to do something because it is too painful to just sit there and watch China nibbling bit by bit on our land. The feeling of helplessness is driving me crazy.

I know there are many talented and capable people out there. Please help. Please do something. Anything will do. If Viet Khang thinks composing a song to express how he feels is useless and foolish then today we don't have "Anh La Ai?", a song that currently spreads like wildfire on multiple music sites, and helps igniting patriotism among the Vietnamese communities throughout the world. Therefore, as long as we do something it will count sooner or later. Strategy will only be effective if you put it in motion.

To my Vietnamese friends, don't let the love and passion for our country fade away. It may not seem like anything right now and you may not interest in the matter, but as long as we are Vietnamese, this is our responsibility! Don't let Vietnam become the second Champa Kingdom! Once a powerful kingdom, now its name no longer exists on the map. The feeling of losing one's country and having to explain to people where you are from is very painful. I saw my boyfriend going through it. I don't want my next generation to experience it ever. Its already hard to distinguish our culture with that of Chinese. I don't want in the future when I say "I am Vietnamese" and people would ask me "where is Vietnam? Oh you meant China?" Today is Truong Sa/Hoang Sa, tomorrow is Ha Noi, next is Hue, following that is Saigon, then Mui Ca Mau and Phu Quoc?? We should not betray our ancestors. We should not surrender even if its just a centimeter of our land. Don't give in even when the situation seems hopeless. Don't give up because we are the Vietnamese.

To my non-Vietnamese friends, if you think this conflict is only between Vietnam and China then think again. Have you ever wonder why China wants my land so bad? I meant it didn't just start now. It happened numerous of times and dated thousands of years back. China want to play domino with Asia first so they can have enough resources and powers to play the game with the big heads like Europe and Americas later. But can they play this game against Russia in the North first? Nope. How about Mongolia? Maybe not, because what after Mongolia? Russia again right? Then how about Japan on the east? Not yet. Japan is a small country but it is nonetheless a very powerful country. It is still risky to touch them right? What about on their west side? The mighty Gobi desert which leads to the Middle East? Hmm not likely. So which is the easier target for now? Bingo. Its down south and my unlucky country becomes the target. But what happen when they successfully colonize Vietnam? It opens the door to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand etc.? If something like this happen to my country today it may happen to yours next. I will begin boycotting Chinese products as much as I can. From now on until this thing resolves, I will not buy anything that is made from China. This is the least I can do for my country. Let's join hands and put a stop to this!

I am not even mad at China or its people because just like me they love their country and of course they only have their country's and people interest in mind. Who could blame them? However, if they truly love their people they need to stop. They need to realize that the world will never belong to any single entity. The only thing that is waiting at the end of the game is World War III and its only outcome is the extinction of humankind. WHY SPENDING TONS OF MONEY AND EFFORTS TO EXPLORE LIVES IN ANOTHER PLANETS WHEN WE HAVE THE PERFECT ONE RIGHT HERE THAT WE ARE TAKING FOR GRANTED? Its 2012 already, the New Year is here, spring is also on its way. Please stop all this madness!!!!!